Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Surly PokerGnome Meets the Poison

After many delays...the PokerGnome finally got his day to play with the Poison. I'm too tired for a full account. But I did win our best of 3 series 2 to 1.

Look for a new title on PokerGnomes blog! I'm working on a franchise of at a time.

I do remember him almost taking me out on the first game until I sucked out on the river to make my straight.

Good night all...


slb159 said...

Why can't these people beat you? You're cake. They must suck.

slb...still 100% victorious against the Poison. What else can I say?

Drizztdj said...

The only way I'd play Veneno HUs again is if I get to pick the game.

She is good.

Mark said...

You dominated both of the games you won. I was at a chip disadvantage most of the time. Good games. I'll get you next time!

Veneno said...

slb..I don't think we have played for a bounty yet..I need proper incentive to do it right!

Drizz..oh really?..I'm game..pick the game...and brink it on!

Mark..You played well..I did in fact have to earn

slb159 said...

Well, you just cracked my it'll be a loooong time before I play HU against you again.
Use my chips well, my princess. Use them well.

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