Sunday, July 16, 2006

Veneno Takes on the Luckbox

While some of you may fear the man with a reputation for good luck, I on the other hand see it as the ultimate challenge. What could be better than matching one suckout artist against another?

So me and the Luckbox laid out the terms for our first HU encounter. Bounties have been established. If I win, he will be kind enough to reward me with a plant. Since I will be moving into a place of my own soon, for the first time in my life, I thought something alive and growing would be perfect for my new pad. Of course, Luckbox has all the confidence that he will never pay me with such a reward. Now on the slim chance that he wins this challenge, I will write an "Ode to the Luckbox".

Yesterday, we started our battle. In the first match, he was introduced to my aggressive style. I like to be on top, so this match was working for me. From the beginning I took a lead. He would gain chips and get almost even a few times, but for the most part, I remained on top. This was no quickie. I had to relax and stay patient. This guys is very tight. Knowing his advantage is sucking out, may plan was to get him out before the river. Afterall, you can only suckout if you stay to the river..Haha..Fortunately for me, he didn't get there often. So I won this first match after over 100 hands.

For match #2, he was better prepared. I didn't get my early lead and was not comfortable with him on top. Despite my squirmming and wiggling, I could not extract the chips I needed. Finally, he moved in with the better hand, I called, and game 2 was over.

So the score is 1 and 1.

But I am soo looking forward to more....

Now on another subject, I have yet to post about my last night in Vegas. Let me share that Penner42 learned not to mess with the Poison. He is a very skilled bowler with an average of 194. But he couldn't perform when it came to taking on the Poison. Watch for his new blog title on Monday...."Veneno's Proud Little Bowling Geek"


CJ said...

For the record, you sucked out to win the first one. I had you right where I wanted you!

Veneno said... i can suckout on a luckbox..excellent!