Saturday, July 01, 2006

Slb gets Spanked

Sometimes we bloggers need to look out for each other. And in some cases that means telling people when they are annoying.

Our newest blogger needed to be scolded. So I volunteered for the task. I mean, who else can get away with spanking another blogger?, I decided to tell him he was being an Ass.

We were all having a great time last night at the blogger game when he got carried away with his smack talk. Now I'm all about talking smack, but there is fun, cool, teasing, smack and then there is the annoying you are being a jerk smack. Slb was falling into the later category.

So when he hit me up in the IM chat. I told him what I thought. His intial response was that he warned us all not to take him seriously. My response was "saying you are an ass, doesn't make it right". Then said, if he wanted to be an Ass that was fine, but he is not gonna get respect from other bloggers.

I think he learned a valuable lesson. What is more important? To win $$ at a single session of poker with bloggers by being annoying or to earn the repect and friendship of some of the most amazing and wonderful people in the world, Poker bloggers! for important business...

Al has promised to give me a dial-a-shot when I'm in Vegas. He was in the mood to tease today. He made the comment, "maybe you'll get a call from me standing at the poker rail at MGM"..then proceeded to tell me..."i'm a tease"...That is sooo mean! He is one blogger I would have loved to meet in Vegas. Oh well..guess I'm gonna have to try to find a way to make it to the boat.

Counting the days to Vegas...

Laters all!

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slb159 said...

I think both our most recent posts end in the same conclusion...I was WRONG. Thx Poison.