Sunday, March 12, 2006

Attention Heads Up Maniacs!!!

The Heads Up Challenge #3 is filling up fast. I think people will like the new format. It is single elimination the first round, but the good thing is that the event should finish in a few weeks rather than months.

It is possible with enough interest, we can get 32 people to join. Then we can do the whole East vs. West concept or something like that. So if you have any interest, please get your name on the board.

Also, if the date and times available do not suit your schedule, please let me know and as long as we can get a group of 4 for another date and time within the same week, it can be arranged.

This looks to be a fun one! So don't be left out.....

Jordan is working on a banner. I had to veto the first version. Actually told him I would quit if he posted it. The theme is "One on one" action. The problem was he had a picture of two guys together...ugggggghhhhh!!!!!!!!

Okay get on the link below and sign up.

On a not so fabulous note, SteelerJosh finally found the antidote for my poison. In 3 matches, he won the first 2. In our second match he laid the hammer on me. Made a straight with his 7. At least I won our final match. He could not take the lead on me. That would just be wrong!!!

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