Saturday, March 04, 2006


Yesterday ElWappo needed to get into the Holiday Inn in Los Angeles to pick up his tickets for the Bon Jovi concert that night.

Anyway, there was no where for him to part so he pulls into the the hotel Valet area which was full. Parks the car. Then as he is walking towards the hotel, the Valet stops him and tells him he has to move his car. At this point he is upset. Keep in mind, ElWappo is not a man with a great deal of patience. I can totally imagine his state of frustration. As he is walking away the Valet stops him yet again. ElWappo is thinking, "What does this guy want now?" The Valet then ask him whether he is a fighter. ElWappo said, "Yes". At the time, ElWappo had on a t-shirt which read "Full Contact Fighter" on the front and "Undefeated in Full Contact Matches". ElWappo is a 5'9" good looking hispanic man with a big chest, wide shoulders, big arm muscles, and a nice..umm backside. So then the Valet ask him, "Do you fight in the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship)." Here is where the lying begins. ElWappo says, "Yes, my cousin is Rico Rodriguez, and I fight for team Punishment". Team Punishment is a Huntington Beach based MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) professional fighting team with members such as Tito Ortiz and Rico Rodriguez (both former UFC champions). The closest ElWappo has been to the UFC is to spar with professional fighters from his gym, "New Breed Academy" and "BJJ Revolution Team". So anyway, after that the Valet volunteers to watch his car while he gets his tickets. When he gets back to the car, the Valet pulls out a dollar and a sharpie and ask him for an autograph. The shameless ElWappo complies and signs the bill. Unbelievable. What some people will do to get parking in Los Angeles!!!


HighOnPoker said...

Um, great story, but who is ElWappo.

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