Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Where has my Poison Gone?

Okay...time to write about the ugly....

I have been getting my ... handed to me lately on the HU matches.

Tonight I went to battle with Boobie Lover and went 0 for 2. And he was the one who sucked out on me the first match. The second we almost went to 100 hands. Both excellent matches. So Boobie gets on my chart. Congrats Wes!

I have also recently lost a match to Sox, a couple to SteelerJosh (at least I'm still in the lead vs these guys), and 2 matches to Trauma who has taken my down for a total of 5 matches. I can't beat that boy!!!!!!

I even lost to a player named iwind, a young cutie from Norway, who was reading the HUC3 and found me on IM to play a match.

The only match I managed to win was with Katitude. And that was a long 112 hand battle!!! Perhaps I need to stick with Catfights..hmmmm

I just realized. The poker goddess has not been getting her eye candy from me. That must be the problem. Okay..I'm gonna get it together. Soon before the HUC3.

If you haven't taken a look at the HUC3 site lately, you must check it out. We are getting a great response of blurbs about the players.

Al, I'm not sure I can handle you anymore...


HighOnPoker said...

When is Round 1 of the HUC scheduled? I'm giddy with anticipation.

TraumaPoker said...

Why do you keep ignoring to mention you are now 0-5 against me? I got the cure for the poison!!

Veneno said...

Hello! Did you read this posting Trauma..that is what I did say..lol