Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Let's Make a Date

March 17 - What was I thinking? And I'm even

Open for suggestions to the HUC..

Who is interested?
Do you like the idea of kicking it off with the 4 person matches on Stars?

Once I get some feedback, I will post the official plan and take on sign-ups..


TripJax said...

Keep me as a maybe...with the 45 player sng challenge and being busy as all get out I'm not sure, but keep me posted and I'll let ya know.

And if I'm in, I'll do whatever (4 player, 2 player). I'll even do a 1 player...and probably still lose.

Ingoal said...

I would love to play, but not on March 17th. Saint Patrick's Day aside, friday night doesn't work for me...footie training along with the fact that I play a live game on saturday...

Good luck to all of you and if there's a possible alternative date...let me know ;-)

Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Veneno, I am in like Flynn, and the 17th and a Friday night is not a problem for me. As a parent of two babies I don't get out much, so any night, weekends weekdays holidays you name it, I am online. And the 4-way or 2-way heads up matches both sound great to me if you're looking for some new blogger blood who you haven't had the pleasure of playing yet. I was laughing looking at your record against Surf -- somebody needs to tell that guy he's not aloud to keep playing you or something. 13 out of 16...sheesh!