Sunday, March 05, 2006

Spicy Offerings for the Poker Goddess

Initially, after I saw Katitude's most recent posting of tribute to the Poker Goddess, I was a feeling a bit nervous. The Goddess is sure to love Johnny. He has been a favorite of mine since the Jump Street days.

But then it occurred to me. This is the Poker Goddess. No ordinary Goddess. She thrives in sin city. What would appeal to her? Spice and variety perhaps?

Poker Goddess...just for you today....enjoy

I would appreciate your help again in my Catfight tonight at 7:30 p.m. EST on Full Tilt.

Love, V

In preparation for this event, I was able to enjoy doing battle with my newest quest none other than DuggleBoggey. In our first two matches he learned just why I have earned my title as the Poison (a.k.a. Suckout Goddess). For our last match he was not opposed to taking advantage of me in a tequilla induced handicapped state. I so do not blame him.

As for Soxy, he still has not had enough punishment. I had to show him yesterday that my suckout powers are still in tact when I called his all-in bet after the flop with top pair (Queens with a 3 kick) vs my flush draw and K. I hit the K and sent him on his way. He tried, unsuccessfully, to entice me into a $100 heads up match. But I was quite content to keep the $5 profit.

I did have one of the best times in the chat yesterday with the blogger crowd Garth (this guy can drink!), Gary, Kat, Waffles, Surflexus, Flux (non-drinker - wonder if he was amused?), Sox, Weak (he didn't need alcohol), Jordan (joined us early on but had to go out so didn't get to enjoy the whole affair with us), Duggle, Mow, and DoubleAs. It was a total drink fest. I was doing shots of Last Mango, a mix of tequilla and mango liqueur (yummy!). I was feeling pretty darn good for most of the time. But after finishing half the bottle in a couple of hours, I ended worshipping the Porcelin Goddess. Been a long time since that happened. But no regrets.

Finally, be sure to join us for SirOldMan's Tilt Fest on Full Tilt tonight at 8:30 p.m. EST. Yeah, Waffles is having a Birthday! Just do a search for YoSoyVeneno for an easy way to find it. Password: WafflesRocks

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katitude said...

LOL...was jsut telling some of my teenage students about 21 Jump Street the other day. They were a bit put out by the fact that I was into Johnny when I was their age *grin.

Interesteing choice of eyecandy me kicking myself that I didn't think of la belle Angelina first! And what a great picture too!