Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Heads Up Competitors have been Selected

The first group of competitors for our HUC3 have signed up. Looks like we are going to have an great event.

We have our defending champ TraumaPoker, the respected DoubleAs, the infamous Jordan, our HUC1 champ TripJax, 3 ladies and some fresh blogger blood like Smokee, and many other excellent players. Go to the link above for the full list.

If you are still interested in this event, we would like to get another 15 players in order to have 2 groups of 16. The winners from these 2 groups can do battle in one final ultimate championship match.

Instead of regional groups, why don't we vote for two captains. Then have a HU draft by the captains for group selection. I was thinking it would be soooo cool to have Iggy join and be one of the captains. If you like that idea, send him an email.

In any case, spread the word. We still have time to get the additional sign-ups. Let's get more representation from our ROW friends and from the West Coast!!!


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