Sunday, April 02, 2006

The Poison makes it to 300

Wow..that is unreal. I have played 300 Heads Up matches. The list has really grown. 32 Bloggers have faced the Poison. 11 of those are have leading stats and 21 are unders. All have been exciting and fun!

Lately, I have been really enjoying my Heads Up matches with other bloggers. Recently added to the list is WillWonka. He is one of our HUC3 competitors that is still in the running. And I can see why. Very aggressive player. Aggression in HU is very powerful. I definitely look forward to a rematch. He was able to face the Poison in fearless fashion and took me down rather quickly. Congrats Willy!

So who is Mr. 300? That would be Biggestron. We had a good back and forth match. Then I got some momentum and refused to let him back in the game. He did manage to drop the hammer on me a couple of times. And a Brave boy too. He goes all-in with that hammer! Now that impresses. Good game!


WillWonka said...

I got lucky... especially on last hand... definitely a rematch is in the cards...

biggestron said...

The only way to play the hammer heads-up!

Looking forward to making it 1-1!