Sunday, April 09, 2006

Garths finds the Antidote!

I knew better! Yesterday I was on chat with Garth talking about the continuance of our Heads Up series. He mentioned that he didn't know if he would be available since he would be working on his taxes. Red FLAG! Don't mess with someone who has been doing taxes. I said to him it was okay. Wouldn't want to play him on the day he does taxes. (I just thought he would be playing with a vengence after doing taxes).

So today on chat when I inquired when we would have our next match, he said how about now. Instead of remembering that it was his tax day, I immediately accept his offer to play.

It was a very challenging match. He had me short stacked a few times. Once as low as 340. But I fought my way back a few times. One thing I never do is give up. My opponents know that I am still very dangerous when my stack is low. Many many times, I have been able to come back from a short stack position and win. In true Veneno style, I managed to suckout and hit a runner runner flush on him to crack his Aces and turn things around. Soon I had him down to about 500 in chips. At that point, I tightened up to wait for a good opportunity to take him down. He played his short stack well. And managed to get up over 1k. Finally, he made a move when I had AQ soooted. We are both all-in preflop. He had pocket dueces and ended up winning back the lead. Back in the weakened position again. On our 102nd hand, he jammed with top pair Qs. I had 16 outs between my flush draw, straight draw, and A. Nothing hits! Veneno failed to happens more often than I care to admit. Excellent match Garth. You finally got me...congrats!

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