Sunday, April 09, 2006

Are you HOT?

After weeks of waiting to finish our best 2 of 3 series with TanOrpheus, he was finally ready today. Before I could even ask him, he asked if I wanted to play HU. Ummm..let's see...would Veneno like to play Heads Up?..."Oh yes"..was my reply.

So we headed over to UB to hook up. Before we started, Tan warned me that he has been running "hot hot hot". That was great! Who wants to play a whimp anyway? I like playing "hot"

This was not the same TanO from previous matches. He played very aggressively. Seemed determined not to give me any edge. We had a nice battle. Unfortunately for me, I went out when I caught a straight on the same card that gave him a flush. So TanO got his first win versus Veneno.

With one game to go for our series, we started our next match. I kept getting short stacked and had too claw my way back. My hands were not hitting, the OESD, the flushes, just couldn't make it. And TanO did an excellent job of making me pay for any draws. Finally, I got a break and took the lead. On the last hand I landed trips and took him out!

I love a good battle and TanO was definitely a worthy opponent! Looking forward to my prize...

So next time any of you are "HOT" and feel like you can take on the Poison, look me up for a Heads Up match...

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TanOrpheus said...

Thanks V, I really enjoyed trying to find an antidote to the poison this time... If I played better than before this time round its mostly down to things you taught me about heads-up play so thank you for improving my game :)