Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Sucking Out on Andy Bloch

I finally got a chance to play with one of the pros on Full Tilt. My plans were just to watch and chat last night. But when I saw a pro registered for the $10 45 person Sit n Go on Tilt, I just couldn't resist. Lucky me, he was at my table. It was pretty cool. Andy got a taste of the Poison when he raised on my big blind with AQo. Being in need of chips, I decided to make my move and pushed with A3o. I won when a 3 came on the flop. I ended up finishing in 10th, busting after Andy by the way. It was cool!

A few have asked about the card protector. There is a link on my sidebar for anyone interested.

Hasta luego...


iamhoff said...

Sweeeeet! Hope you got the screenshot!

Joe Speaker said...

I believe Sucking Out on Andy Bloch is still illegal in the South.

C.L. Russo said...

Despite the fact that you can hold your own with the pros, I'm still interested in playing heads up with you.

Sorry I didn't get in touch--I don't have the yahoo thingy and I've been pretty busy this week.

How do we set something up?

Veneno said...

Iamhoff - I can't believe I didn't get the shot.

Joe - lol..I'm sure you are right.

Cl - Saturday about 8 am or Sunday till about 10 am would be good. Download's free and the best way to connect.

Matt Silverthorn said...

Haha nice one V! Too bad you didn't get a screenshot of that one.