Thursday, April 20, 2006

Lessons in Heads Up

For those who think my HU game is all about luck and suckouts, you are so If that describes your thinking, this post is not for you.

Perhaps a few of you might think that I have a game plan, a strategy, and a style of play that often works. You might think that after playing over 350 HU matches, I might have learned a few things about playing Head to Head. What I will tell you is that I totally don't mind being called a Suckout and lucky. I mean if it is good enough for Doyle, why not me? Especially when I am 1) significantly out chipped or 2)have a significant chip lead.

So when you are significantly out chipped by your opponent in a HU match. Go wild. Go all in preflop as much as possible. If you hit you will double up and you have a chance. Your opponenet will soon be encouraged to play less selectively. You can't sit around and jam only on premium hands. This strategy has worked for me over and over. I have come around to win many times from a stack of less than 600 in chips. And yes it drives some people crazy. So fight, fight, fight!

Recently, I played a match with a respectable blogger (i.e. not him) He thought I won the match because of luck. Now while I do win many of my matches solely by getting lucky, just ask Garth, in this match, that was not the case.

I must be feeling generous because I'm doing something for this blogger that I don't usually do. He is getting a copy of our hand history. This might help him improve his HU game.

On another note, I was pleased to see that my pal has learned how to give me some credit. Check his post from a few days ago. Thanks!!!

Laters...from the Suckout


Weak Player said...

You will get more HU lessons when I get my damn cookies. And I might even post about it.

DP said...

Most people haven't learned how to play you (yet), with the exception of a few.

I experienced you going all in a lot with a short stack. In my last match with you, you were down to 900 chips on the 5th hand, after which I tightened up to try and not only retain the lead, but finish it (big mistake).

Of course, you kept going all in, and when I finally called you had me killed, even though I had decent hands (but not good enough). In hindsight my calls were definitely at the wrong times which I should have forseen beforehand, and folded. Oops.

Anonymous said...

I read Duggle. Someone is on to youuuu.....

DuggleBogey said...