Sunday, May 07, 2006

Another Victim Surrenders to the Poison

Garth has been procrastinating in our Heads Up series - best of 5. Aside from the fact that I usually beat him (one way or another), he does not care for HU games. So today, we finally had another match. We had a nice long battle..over 60 hands. A few times he took a slight lead. But in the end the Poison stood strong. For some, the Poison Power is just too much. They cannot take facing it again. Garth has now been added to that list. He has authorized the publishing of the following chat, stating his surrender:

yosoyveneno Rodriguez: excellent match
yosoyveneno Rodriguez: again?
garth: Nope
yosoyveneno Rodriguez: or u need a break
garth: I am free of my obligation.
yosoyveneno Rodriguez: what?
yosoyveneno Rodriguez: free of what?
garth: The series is now over.
yosoyveneno Rodriguez: really?
garth: Yep
garth: You won 3-1.
yosoyveneno Rodriguez: r u serious?
garth: Yep
yosoyveneno Rodriguez: u surrender?
garth: Yep
yosoyveneno Rodriguez: can i post this?
garth: Knock yourself out.
yosoyveneno Rodriguez: r u upset?
garth: Nope
yosoyveneno Rodriguez: oh ok
yosoyveneno Rodriguez: surrender?
yosoyveneno Rodriguez: really?
yosoyveneno Rodriguez: why?
yosoyveneno Rodriguez: i have fun playing u
garth: I don't like HU.
garth: I'm better at it than I ever have been, but it doesn't mean I enjoy it.

There is a down side. He has set the condition that I will collect my bounty when I make cookies for WeakPlayer. So perhaps the added incentive will be just the thing to get me in the kitchen. I have a feeling Weak will be getting his cookies afterall...

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Guin said...

Soon as I can get my computer working... maybe we could play HU on UB which works better for me.

Nothing like getting Poisioned... I would be one of those rookies looking to discuss why you kicked my ass afterwards.

I also have to get my luckbox revved up first.