Saturday, May 27, 2006

Muy Caliente!!!!!!!!!

Wow..where do I begin....

First my husband thought it would be a good pay back to lock me out of our computer. The computer that I usually play on is out of commission. Then he changed my password on the other computer so that I couldn't have access. Yes..I was fuming to say the least. It felt like I was a hostage.

Here is a little recap of my week...

Sunday..I played at the Bike..busted in the Woman's tourney..-$60 bucks..but cleaned up at the $40 NL cash tables..made a $240 profit...Later..I played in the Gemini, which was lots of fun..but not profitable..

Monday..I played a $20/2 SnG on Party with 23Skidoo..finished in 2nd place for a $38 profit..and I played the $6.60 Tier One on FT to win my $26 token.

Tuesday - NO POKER, Wednesday - NO POKER, Thurday - NO POKER

Friday - Had to use my sister's computer to play one SnG on Party..a $30/3..finished 3rd

Saturday -
In the afternoon, my husband finally changed my password back so I could get on the computer at home. I was ready to play..but what? No poker programs? He deleted all my programs. So I loaded on Full Tilt. I had $33 in my account and one $26 token. I played a $5 single table SNG and came in first which brought my account to $50. I signed up for the 18k guaranteed with Waffles and then took a break to spend time with the kiddos.

I started my game and shortly after, Waffles busted. He left and I found myself a little bored. I'm used to chatting it up while I play, so one game is usually enough. But without the usually company in the chat, I decided to join a few other games. So I signed up for a 45 person $10 SnG and a $10 MTT both NL Holdem of course.

Guess what? I came in the money on all of them. I finished 5th in the SNG, 72 out of over 800 in the 18k for $45 (finally made a profit with the 6.60 token), and 3rd out of 305 in the $10 MTT for $366. Bottom line..account moved from $33 and a token to $466. Super!!!!!

That and my profits on Party, still kicking butt in the SnGs. So I got my account up to just over $500.

Hey guys..I have a bankroll!! I'm actually making money playing poker! Should this be a secret? too gooooooooooood!!!!!

I was also soo EXCITED to hear about our pal Hoyazo finishing 1st in the 40k on Party! That is just awesome..

And I am still getting offers for HU..Surflexus wants to start a series..super sweet! life sucks..but POKER is totally ROCKIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh..and now I'm off to play live poker..cause I'm in California..and all the best casinos are just a short drive away..Are you jealous?


DuggleBogey said...


Sounds like you had a hot night!

L'artiste said...

Go Vee Go!!

I'm absolutely thrilled for you. My best memories of playing Poker were racking up the first few hundreds to get the bankroll going. I can't wait to see you living large for with a 1000$+ roll.

SoxLover said...

Seriously, what a deusche. I hope you are getting out of there soon. Keep that roll a growing.

HighOnPoker said...

Congrats V. What a run!

iamhoff said...

Uber-geigh moves by that guy you live with...bummer stuff. But! Once you were able to get back on you were en fuego! Nice run, and nice bankroll numbers. Mine kinda slid the opposite way this weekend. Meh. Good luck with everything. *Hugs* and good vibes.

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