Sunday, May 21, 2006

3 Quickies with Waffles

Waffles finally agreed to play me HU again after taking a beating in 3 poker events this evening. Since he was already feeling the pain, he figured a few HU games with the Poison would fit right in.

But instead of enduring more pain, he found the reward he was looking the 3 quick matches..he scored 3 victories. He beat me to a pulp...

Oh least he got to feel good..I on the other hand am less than satisfied...

Congrats Waffles!

As for my evening at the Bike, I busted early in the ladies tournament with a flush that met with a full boat. On the good side, I had already made enough in the cash game to cover the cost of the $60 buy-in and won some more after I busted.

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