Sunday, May 21, 2006

Live at the Bike...

The Women's Tournament at the Bicycle Casino in Bell Gardens in California is one of my favortie LIVE poker events in which to play. They have these events once every 3 months. So today, I will be joining the 13th Annual Queen of Dimanond No limit tournament. It is a $40 buy-in, $10 headhunter bounty, and $10 entry.

These events used to cost less that $25 bucks, so it was a really sweet deal. The buffet alone was pretty much worth the price of admission..with champaigne and mimosas, good food, and yummy desserts..mmm..chocolate covered strawberries..I REALLY love those..yes, I'm a chocoholic!! Then they make us feel really special with some kinda gift. Today, I will get a diamond shaped-pendant.

It is an all around good time. Many of the women literally have no idea how to play. They even pass out hand ranking sheets..really..I'm not joking. And ladies do things like apologize for taking your chips. It is quite entertaining.

Even if you don't score in the money, you can usually redeem a few headhunter tokens for $10 each.

As an added plus, the top 3 players will receive a seat to the LOP Ladies Event.

Yeah...Just one of the perks of being a lady in

Now for an update on online activities....

First, you must visit Jordan's blog for a recap on the PSO freeroll event..somehow with the events of my dramatic soap opera life, I failed to sign-up. The bloggers that did really reaped some rewards, especially Jordan who finished in 2nd. Awesome Jordan!!

While all my pals were playing in the PSO event, I decided to play on Party. With my roll at a healthy level (just under $500), I decided to reward myself with a buy-in to a $10 qualifier to the 500k and the $20/2 40k guaranteed. The qualifier was unsuccessful, but in for the 40k, I went a long way..finishing 117th out of 2433 entrants. In the end, I was forced to move or get blinded out. At least I made $26. Not the fortune I was dreamed of but at least my roll didn't get damaged.

I also played another $6.60 tier one for a token. And won. I keep winning the tokens and fail to make money with them. So again, if you are paying full price for your buy-in on $26 MTTs on Full Tilt you are missing out on this opportunity. They are really THAT easy!

Then I made a bad judgement call and place $50 on a NL ring game...umm..that did not go well at all...out one buy-in in no time..DONE with THAT!

I ended the night with what has been working. Another $30 SnG. Finished 3rd.

So I ended up down about $25..not too bad....

Hasta luego....


HighOnPoker said...

Thanks for the mention, V. I haven't had a chance to talk to you online for a while, so hopefully we'll meet up soon.

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