Saturday, May 20, 2006

Winning Streak Continues

Tonight I finished 1st in another 30/3 SnG and 2nd in a 20/2 SnG on Party. So the Party Poker bankroll is looking very healthy at $485.

On the other hand, my HU Challenge is going down the drain..I failed to keep my own advise and stay clear of bloggers. Tuesday, Mr.Dreamy got a win on me. And tonight it was 23skidoo. But how can I have resisted an invitation for HU. I still love it! Congrats guys..

As for my personal dramas..this was probably the worst week of my life. Keep the prayers coming. Thanks to everyone for you thoughts and warm wishes. They are appreciated!

1 comment:

23skidoo said...

Wow, I'm so good I made your spreadsheet twice!

I will never play you sober again!!!