Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Boys, Boys, Boys...Yeah!

If there had been a BASH prize for giving hugs, that title would go to yours truly. What can I say? I like hugging. And more importantly, I love hugging all the good-looking blogger guys!

Just look at these cuties....get ready to be jealous girls...

- I finally found a way to get Falgstaff without a finger in the air, get him from

- I had a great time playing with F-train for our friday night event. Guess who took this Blogger Champ down? Beware of the Poison Dave!

- Wow..I don't know about his Junk, but I like the rest. Bobby is hot!!

- Rock hard! A sweetie and a HUNK combined...just deadly!

- The Wolf doesn't bite. He is a cupcake. I even got rewarded with a cool shirt from Drew (yes I finally remembered) when I he tried to drop the hammer on me!

- Mr. Luckbox lives up to his name and wins the Charity Event. Maybe one day we can get him to drink some SoCo shots and get really lucky...haha

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