Friday, September 22, 2006

BASH...Here I come...

I am sitting at the airport waiting for my flight to Philly! Finally, I will have some leisure time. No unpacking, no laundry, no dishes, no homework, no WORK, only fun, fun, and more fun! Well, that is my agenda at least.

It is gonna be great to meet so many of the bloggers that I have been chatting with over the last year.

Unfortunately, I did not prepare properly for this event. Al told me to drink everyday....oops! I am fully expecting to get sick. But before sickness....hmmmmmmmm...what will happen?

I've already lined up two bloggers for body shots. The first with Slb159, he has offerred himself up with no restrictions..haha...Al on the other hand, told me he would not let me suck anything off his body, so it will only be one way. guys are getting jealous now right? ....say yes..even if it isn't true.

I'm feeling good. Ready for adventure....

And don't worry. For those who are not able to make it, I brought my new digital camera. If you email me your phone number, I would be willing to do dial-a-shots. Might as well maximize the sacrifice my body is gonna make.

MUAHA...that is a big kiss to all!!!!


chipper said...

Drink a few for me - I'll be hiking around up in the Colorado mountains this weekend. Have fun at the Bash but not too much fun.

slb159 said...

We'll see you there in an hour or two...time to get ready. Offer up myself with no restrictions? Oh, yeah, maybe I said that. We'll see.