Sunday, January 29, 2006

The Donkeys are Missing their Lessons

I was just reading a posting by Jestocost where he explains that the DLF players will play hands thinking that their opponent has AK. What happened to the donkey at my table? Did he miss his lesson? I will get back to this.

I was playing online in a few low limit MTTs ($2 and $3) today with Garth. In the background, the I had joined a conference with Mafioso gang members. They were playing together in a SnG.

In the first MTT, it is level 4 of the event and I am doing pretty good with 2480 in chips and the blinds at 50/100. I get QQ in mid position. EP player raises to 600, I push, and the big blind calls. The EP raiser has TT and the BB caller has KT. Cool not bad, I just need to avoid 3 out of Kings and the 1 out of T. I'm chanting no King, no King, and then a T hits on the river. Ouch!!!! With only 825 in chips left, I bust a few hands later with KQ. Bust number uno for the night.

While this MTT is going, I tell Garth that I still have outstanding heads up challenges going with Jordan and TripJax. But will wait until they tell me they want to play. Just a few minutes later, I get a message from Jordan asking me if I want to play Heads Up. The answer was an immediate yes, of course.

The game with Jordan was highly important because one more loss for me and I would owe him another bounty. And that just cannot happen. It was my choice of games. Jordan mentions that there is a HORSE option. Interesting. I'm game. So we play HORSE. This time it was me who attacked Jordan on the Razz game. I was not gonna let him bluff me like last time and take my chips in that round. So I did mucho bluffing on my own in that round and came out ahead. It was fun as usual, as Jordan is always a challenging opponent. So I am 1 for 2 in our challenge. By the way, these mix of games are not included in my HU stats which are just No limit holdem.

So just as we wrap up, I start my next mtt on stars. On this game, I was in donkey mode. I was doing pretty good again with 2800 in chips at level 2 with blinds at 15/30, when I get 88 in the big blind. An EP player raises to 120, small blind calls, and I call. The flop comes 7 T 7. I get it in my head to make a move and bet 360. I get called. Yuck. That wasn't my plan. The turn comes 7. I review the situation. A bigger pair will beat me (likely), a 7 (not likely), or a ten. Reasonable move would be to check. But ohhhhhhhhh no. I am not in the reasonable mode. So I bet 360 again. He raises to 720. Okay..really really really..I should check/fold at this point. But Mrs. Donkey can't do that..oh no..I push instead. Get called. An lose to QQ. What a surprise!

Shortly after, Fluxer comes online inviting me to play the $24/2 MTT on Full Tilt. I tell him that I only have $23 bucks there, so no go. He offers to swap money from another site. Hmmm..Should I risk my entire full tilt roll on an MTT that I am unlikely to place in, YES! So Flux transfers $5 with 20 minutes until the tournament starts. It is taking forever. So I read the email and it says that Flux sent me a transfer which will complete in 24 to 48 hours. Well that will not work. So I decide to earn it on my own. Razz has been the game of the day for me on Full Tilt. In two sessions I won $4. Okay dont laugh. Remember I have a whole $23 on this site. So I made $8 of that on Razz. So I go to the 2/4 Razz table and after a few hands I make $4 and have enough for the $24 tournament.

This is where the Donkey missed their lesson. I get AK sooted in middle position. An EP player min raises, then gets raised by the short stack to 255. I decide not to mess around and push. The EP player calls. He has AJ sooted. He is supposed to think I have AK and play accordingly right? What happened? Did he miss class? Oh well. By the way, the Full Tilt transfer came about 2 hours later. Soooo lame.

So I start to draft this post, and just when I am typing about having outstanding matches with Jordan and Trip, and how I will wait till they invite me to play, Trip sends me a message to play. Perfect. So we play our match. This is a different Trip than before. I had a feeling this would be the match for him. He was zero for 3 in matches against me, so I figured he would be highly motivated. And he was indeed. Much more aggressive. I got off to an early lead. And then got the hammer. I went with it. And lost a bunch. Now Trip was in the lead. Then I get the hammer again. It can't fail me twice right?..ummm...wrong again...lose another bunch. I hang on for a while and finally lose after about 50 hands. Nice job Trip!

So all in all, I won 5 of 8 Heads Up matches this weekend. Won 2 lost 1 versus Sox, beat 2 random players, beat Jordan, and lost 1 to Trip. So I'm not getting creamed like I was for a while. And still having fun.

Hasta luego y bueno suerte.....


Jestocost said...

You were, of course, correct in your comment about my AK post that a large percentage of the DLF world doesn't even consider what you might be holding. A smaller portion actually considers it, but invariably concludes that you have AK. My post was about the latter group, your problem obviously was with one of the gamboolers from the first. I suspect he actually dropped out of school and is spending his offline time spray painting "AJ Roolz" on random train cars.

SirFWALGMan said...

Yeah, Veneno, get your donkey populations straight!!! See, it is not good enough to just know you are playing a Donkey, you must know if it is a Type A or Type B Donkey. Then you shall achieve SNG superiority.

Veneno said...

Now I gotta categorize the Donkeys? This game gets harder