Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Lucky Charm Arrives

This morning as my husband is brushing his teeth he says so you busted out of all your poker sites (technically I still had a few bucks left). I then admit to reloading yesterday on one site for $65. He makes a few digs about how he is putting money in the bank with his poker play and I am taking it out. Cause he is the winner of the family! But how would he know how I am doing? Could it be that Mr. V is actually reading this blog? Then the subject of the DADI event comes up. I tell him that I won't make it home in time. And then he offers to cover for me until I get home. Wow..that's nice. But I don't have any money left on Stars I tell him. He then says to go ahead and buy-in. Too sweet!

So I re-load on Stars for $50. Register for the tournment. And then head of to work.

When I get home, a package is waiting for me. What from Jordan? My card protector has arrived. It is a cute little budha with big belly...I think I will call him what I needed. Very cool. Thanks Jordon! I love it!!!!

So me and little Jordo go to the back room to see if we are surviving in the DADI. Yes. We are still in. Mr. V did a good job in getting me started. Lots of fun. Chatting it up with the blogger crowd. And to my surprise, I finish 7th. In a Omaha tournament. Go figure. Anyway..thanks Jordan and Trip for putting this together. Congrats to Waffles who finished in 4th.

After I played a Heads Up match for the second time with Donkey Puncher..uugggghh..lost this one.

Below are the final stats:

PokerStars Tournament #17497958, Pot Limit Omaha Hi/Lo
Buy-In: $10.00/$1.00
47 players
Total Prize Pool: $470.00
Tournament started - 2006/01/11 - 21:00:00 (ET)
Tournament finished - 2006/01/11 - 23:53:51 (ET)
1: Jestocost (Kirkwood), $141.00 (30%)
2: ZeemJr (Bellevue), $94.00 (20%)
3: felicialee (Golden Valley), $56.40 (12%)
4: SirFWALGMan (Dover), $47.00 (10%)
5: DuggleBogey (Edmond), $37.60 (8%)
6: dbirider16 (, $30.55 (6.50%)
7: yosoyveneno (Whittier), $25.85 (5.50%)
8: Boobie Lover (Vale), $21.15 (4.50%)
9: HighOnPokr (New York), $16.45 (3.50%)
10: DeadMeek (Raymond),
11: kaellinn18 (Gaithersburg),
12: mowenumdown (Villa Rica),
13: TripJax (Greensboro),
14: Ingoal (Benningen),
15: joaquinochoa (New York),
16: GameC (Columbia),
17: Guinness (cincinnati),
18: bob labah (Brooklyn),
19: Garthmeister (Washington),
20: ScarKnight (Phoenixville),
21: GCox25 (Oklahoma City),
22: Slimeface (Sunshine State),
23: hoyazo (New York),
24: dcx0 (Westmont),
25: Donegal (Minneapolis),
26: Drizztdj (Maple Grove),
27: AlCantHang (Phoenixville),
28: DnkyPnchr74 (Chicago),
29: poolstud25 (Williamsport),
30: dazza70 (surfers paradise),
31: YouzaViper (Linton),
32: BobRespert (Farmington Hills),
33: grupper (Severy),
34: surflexus (Kennesaw),
35: on_thg (Grand Haven),
36: VPP_Dave (Forest Park),
37: Jackmama (Greenfield),
38: dnasty13 (Riverview),
39: skitchorama (Seattle),
40: badblood44 (Greer),
41: gary634 (Jackson),
42: Lady_Falcon (New York),
43: Joanne1111 (Calgary),
44: willythewise (Kokomo),
45: Mourn (Houston),
46: bdr1968 (Clendenin),
47: aboutmattlaw (Astoria),

You finished in 7th place (eliminated at hand #3609093863).



mowenumdown said...

Nice finish.

Jestocost said...

It was fun. Good to meet you!

skitch said...

Congrats on your finish. Glad you put my chips to good use! ;)

chipper said...

Looks like Brad Pitt didn't come to your house this year but did over at Angelina's house (bad pun). Perhaps he'll need a break from baby duty next year and give you a visit.

Grats on your $$$ in the DADI II Omaha tourney. Perhaps if I would show up to these things I would have some fun as well.

HighOnPoker said...

Congrats. But are you calling me fat? and red?

davee3283 said...


soo jealous, would have loved to play in that tourney!!

what's DADI tho?
I'm sooo out of the loop, damn work, it was heaps better when I could just stay at home all day "working on my thesis" (read: playing poker)

Veneno said...


I like my little Jordo. He is fat and cute and bald like you. But he is Jordo because you brought him into my life. Not because of any specific resemblance.

Veneno said...

Mow, Jest, Skitch..

Very nice meeting you and playing in DADI.


I was very disappointed...but I guess I will live.


Hope you come back soon...