Saturday, January 21, 2006

The Secret to RAZZ

It was an evening of entertainment online last night. Starting with the HORSE tournament that April was kind enough to organize. I was not anticipating a victory here with the mix of games included but it sounded like a good time, so of course I had to be there.

Just prior to the game, I made two side bets. My goal was to get in a last longer with Waffles, which was accomplished. And a second deal was made with Aussie Davee . And it was off to the HORSE race!!

My game started with Garthmeister, WeakPlayer, Drizztdj, who is a female nurse on FT, Penner42, Obie315, BobRespert, and BrokeDrooster.

In the background, I was chatting it up with my poker pals, Davee, Waffles, Gary, Willy, and Jordan, who joined in late and missed the whole event.

One of my favorite things about these events is meeting other bloggers. I especially enjoyed meeting Garthmeister who was playing at my table. We started chatting at the table and I soon invited him into our IM chat room.

Early on Waffles was off to a slow start and down in chips. So my sidebet was looking pretty promising. Then he got on a hot streak and left me trailing. If he hadn't screwed up (read his post), he had a good chance for the money, and a bigger chance for winning his side bet with me. But it turns out this was my best bet of the day. (I'd like my payment on Stars

The early leader in our group was Davee, he was making a killing. Holding the lead for awhile. He ended up finishing just 6 spots out of the money.

Mr. Dreamy on the other hand did not fair so well tonight. Busting out 2nd.

Gary was having a good game also. He missed the money by 3. Nice effort Gary.

And our hostess, TexasBaby, was kind enough to bust out on the bubble.

I ended up busting about middle of the pack in 32nd out of 61 that played. So at least I had the chance to experience the horse event. It was a challenge to keep track of the games as they changed. But overall, it was a fun format to play. I lost my side bet with Davee, but my win vs Waffles covered it.

By the time things were winding down, which seemed like forever. My support was for Garthmeister. Davee and I were still keeping him company in the chat room. He was playing in super aggressive style.

Congrats to the final table finishers as follows:

1. Biscutblocker
2. Scurvydog
3. Garthmeister
4. Kameelah
5. on_thg
6. willythewise
7. Mourn
8. Maigrey
9. TexansBaby
10. The Venetian

After the match, I managed to lose $30 playing NL holdem. I was up $20 when I got AK, flop is an A, ended up all in against A 3 with 2 pair. Yikes!!!!

But the night ended nicely, first I played 18 person Sit n Go with Garthmeister. And as luck would have it. We ended up Heads Up on the final table. Veneno wins. $30 profit. Woo hoo.

Then I move to the Razz table with $5. I had noticed in the tournament that Garth had been doing excellent on the Razz portion. So I asked him his secret. Here is "Garth's Razz Tip, discovered while playing Razz for like the second time ever during Blogger tourney."

"Have at least one good card in the hole, keep your eyes open for scary boards, and if things look good... POUND POUND POUND."

The key is the whole POUND POUND POUND!!! So I tried it. And left the table $3 ahead.

Hasta Luego y bueno suerte.....

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