Saturday, January 07, 2006

The Poison is BACK!

I sign on this morning hoping that Sox would be online to finish our Heads Up battle. My wish comes true. I say hello and ask if he is ready, but he replies that he is playing something. A little bit later, he says, you ready to finish this thing. Am I ready? Oh yeah!! By this time, we are in a chat with Weak player. I tell the guys that I am turning off voice. Time to get serious. Sox attempts to taunt me into keeping the voice on. I refuse. This is the final match for our challenge. Winner gets the prize. And I want to play my best and win. No other games, no other chat, just my full attention on taking Sox to the floor. And so I did. No real interesting suckouts or monster hands. Sox thought I could only win via suckout. Guess I showed him. Yes, I can win via skill.

The prize? I get to provide him with a new banner for a week. So anyone want to help? Give your suggestions. This is gonna be fun!!!

So following the match, Weak player ask if I wanna play him now. I say that I wanna enjoy victory before letting him give me another spanking. I mean at some point it gets old losing to the same person over and over. He calls me a chicken. Taunts me a little more. So I agree to play. It starts out perfectly. I win with the hammer. Not a lot of chips but a good amount. We play for quite a while and he builds up an advantage. Then I get AJ vs KK. We raise, reraise, and go all in preflop. I get a J on the flop. A on turn. And just to nail it in further, another A on the river. Veneno SUCKOUT style at its best. Now he has to work it. And he succeeds. Shortly after he calls my 2 pair hand with a flush draw and 15 outs total. Hits his flush. We agree that his is a "mini" suckout. Not at all on the same scale as my suckout. By this time, we have played 100 hands, and are even in chips. Finally, at 116 hand I flop 2 pair Q 5 vs AA. We go all in on the flop. Aces are cracked by the POISON. Yeah!! Finally I beat this boy.

Laters all...

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