Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Sucking All Around

It was an evening of fun with Waffles, Flux, WeakPlayer and ChiefBigToke. Flux was talking about how boring it was to play low limits. I guess after you have been playing at the 2k no limit tables to step down to low limit games would be a little dull. I tell him that is why I play Heads Up. To keep some excitement while I am grinding in the low limit world. So he asks if I would like to play Heads Up. Let's see..Would Veneno like to play Heads Up?..doh

So we join a 4 person HU Sit n Go. And get placed on separate tables. I lose my match but Flux takes it all. Nicely done Flux!

Then Waffles, Flux, WeakPlayer, and I join a 18 person Sit n Go. Waffles gets KK and raises 3x bb preflop, WeakPlayer calls with JT, and Flux calls with 5h 7h. And to other players call making a pot of $750. The flop is [4h 9c 8s]. Flux moves all in for $1625 with a gut straight draw, back door flush draw, and a few runner runner shots. Both Waffles and Weak call. The turn is 6d. The final board is [4h 9c 8s 6d] [6s]. Flux wins. Excellent suckout by Flux! He takes out Weak and leaves Waffles with $1320. A few hands later Flux finishes Waffles off. Flux ended up in 1st and yours truly took down 2nd. Here are a few comments from the chat:

UconnStyle said, "worst hand wind"
Sidney1012 said, "LMAO"
Sidney1012 said, "all in on a gut shot"
Sidney1012 said, "LMAO"
SirFWALGMan said, "lol"

Then Flux and I play another Sit n Go with ChiefBigToke. I end up in a hand with Chief. I have K 4o and Chief has J Q. The flop was J Q x. Chief bets 400 into a 500 pot. I meant to fold, but accidentally call. Then a K comes on the turn. So I push with the top pair. Chef calls. Yikes to my dismay I face 2 pair. And I lucky land a 4 on the river. Veneno suckout style. So looking back, I had a 5.45% to win on the flop. A 18.18% chance on the turn. Sweet. See how lucky I am?..lol.. That same game. Flux and I are the last 2 players. I have K 4 o again I raise preflop and he pushes with JQ. Sound familiar? I take it as a sign. My lucky hand right? So I call and win the match with K high. Very nice!!

Flux, Chief, and I play one more Sit n Go together. This time the Chief takes it all. He didn't even have to suckout to win. What is that about? He plays with the best hands and wins. That is just wrong...lol

Hasta luego.....


Drizztdj said...

If you catch me in a good mood tonight, I'll try one of those 4 player deals with you guys.

ChiefBigtoke said...

It certainly is nice when the best hand holds up consistently. Except for your suckout Veneno, lol.

The poker legend "The Jester" said...

I have heard you speak of the Jester in another post. He is an imposter, I am the real Jester and I am a celebrity. Star of stage and screen.

The Jester