Monday, January 02, 2006

Doubleas Meets the Poison

The year was not starting off on the right track in the Heads Up category. I mean my % of win has definitely fallen below the 50% mark and continues to decline. So after losing to Weak Player, then Sox Lover today, I even tried 2 Heads Up Sit n Goes with 4 players. In both, I busted in the first round.

One game went on for literally over 40 minutes. I had the player out chipped twice, the first time he had less than 500 in chips and got him to call me preflop when I had AA. Unfortunately, he caught 2 pair and doubled up. The next time I had him dominated, the door bell rings. Pizzaman. Will my husband take care of it? Nooooooooo. Of course not. So I step away. And come back with 600 chips less. Crap!!!! That totally put me on tilt. I was not happy. Up to this point, I had been patient and solid. Folded when I needed. I end up busting out when I got outkicked with the top pair. Oh well.

So just when I am ready to give Heads Up a rest. I am chatting with Doubleas and he asked if I want to play a HU game. My immediate response, "yes, yes, yes".

So we hook up on UB for our match. At one point in the match he took a good portion of my chips when I called his all in bet with AJ vs AQ post flop with an A on the board. I knew I basically had to pick a hand to doubleup in order to get back in the game. So when he made a raise preflop and I had A J, I pushed. Doubled. Shortly after that I got KK. Made a few pot size bets which were called. Then he folded on the river. Then I had a tough call to make. I flopped 2 pair. Bet the flop and turn with Doubleas calling me. By the turn there were 3 diamonds on the board which were not any help to me. So when he came over the top of my bet on the river, I had to really debate the call. I called. And won. Now I had the advantage. I finally broke him after 85 hands, when we both go all in preflop, me with AA vs his JJ. When he saw what he was facing, he types in the comments "geez". I waited to release my laugh until the hand was secured. Thanks for the match Doubleas. It was an excellent challenge and a real pleasure!

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DP said...

"Doubleas and he asked if I want to play"

"My immediate response, "yes, yes, yes"."

"So we hook up"

"I waited to release"

"real pleasure!"

Doubleas is the man...