Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Owned by ChiefBigToke

Bottomline..I lost 4 Heads Up Matches vs ChiefBigToke. He was so sweet saying, "Sorry Veneno" after every match. Why was he sorry? Because I SUCK? Because I didn't SUCKOUT? Okay, not really. He is a good pal and I think he just felt bad that I was so retarded in my play with him. Just in case I didn't express it clearly. THAT SUCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!

On the other hand, I met a new player, LostLess, on stars playing Heads Up, she incidently also kicked my butt tonight. Very impressive play. After seeing my stats online, she is interested in playing Weak Player.

Oh, I did actually beat two players tonight on Heads Up matches. This was before the beating that Gordo gave me.

Must have chocolate.......



davee3283 said...

everything will be alright v

just gotta get back on the horse/kangaroo : ))

btw I have posted 2/3 times since sunday - go me : ))

Kipper said...

Sorry about not getting back to you the other night while I was on the final table. I busted out and then I was pissed and logged off.