Saturday, January 14, 2006

New Head Hunt has Begun

It is so cool when I get an invitation for a Heads Up game from a blogger. My usual response is "yes, yes, yes". Anyway, been getting a few invitations, but whenever I try to play outside of Ultimate Bet, things get messed up. Just too hard to coordinate getting on the same table on other sites.

Anyway, I have been playing lots of HU matches. Having fun. Meek and I tried to get a game. But I ended up playing someone else. Soon though. Check his blog. He finally

Today I played TripJax. He was just unfortunate to bet into me when I had sweet hands. The first time I had AA vs A3s. The final hand I caught my straight on the flop, checked, turn was an A so I bet the pot. He raised. I pushed. He called. Game over. We have established a new bounty for the first to win 5 games. If I win, TripJax will post a Veneno poem on his blog. On the other hand, if TripJax wins, I will send him an engraved card holder. So the battle is on.

Then later, Waffles wanted the chance to even the score. No dice. I beat him too. Of course, he will claim that I was lucky. It was a good battle. We went back and forth a few times. All I know is I played a good game and won the match. The final hand I had him out chipped about 2 to 1. I raised pre-flop with 44 and he pushed with A Q. I called. He didn't catch. And that was the end of it.

Some of you may have noticed that I have finally added some advertising to my blog. What the heck. May as well try and get some poker funds. For any of you that have not tried the VPP promotion, I must say that Jordan is right. It is pretty cool. He suggested that I try Royal Vegas. I did. I earned my bonus of 40% in no time. Plus got $10 just for opening an account. And on top of it all got a $50 best buy card. So if you haven't tried it yet, feel free to click on my link at the side here. Oh and if I hadn't played a $20 rebuy tournament. I would have $175 profit. But now it is just a little over one hundred. All this by playing about 300 ranked hands of low limit play and sit n goes.

Lastly, I been thinking over some ideas for a Heads Up tournament. Stay posted for details.

Hasta luego...


HighOnPoker said...

I'm glad the VPP promo worked out for you. I'm also interested in playing a HU against you. I need to increase my lead against you. Oh, and where's my dealer button??

PS- Send it by the Post Office, b/c FedEx is super expensive.

TripJax said...

I don't mind the 2nd hand, but I'm still not happy with my play in the first hand. I pushed a hefty bet (or maybe raise) that pretty much put me pot committed with the nut flush draw. Oh well.

Looking forward to the other matches we play. I padded my Stars account just a little today so that should help my game their...

Veneno said...

Hey Jordan..

HU with you? YES, I would love it!!

I will get the button out this week with a little surprize added.

Glad to see you are padding your account in preparation for our't wait for another.