Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year!!!

This is my first buzzin just say..I am feeling goood at the moment. The night start pretty sweet. I go to the grocery store to pick up a bottle of 1800 and some margarita mix. The guy at the register ask me for an ID. I laughed. Next month I turn 40 and I am still getting carded. Sweet!

No kids. No in-laws. Tequilla. Poker. IM. Does it get any better than this?

Earlier this evening I had a chance to watch Kipper try to win his WSOP seat on Titan. So close!! He finished 3rd out of 70. Only #1 would get the seat. Excellent effort Kip.

So how did it go on my last night of poker for 2005? I sign on to yahoo first. And Weak player starts a chat with me. I tell him I have started drinking. He immediately tries to take advantage (very cool) and ask if I am interested in a HU match....ummm...lets the HU Queen we play 3 matches (i think) and I win 2 out of 3. In one match I had JJ vs QQ and lost most of my chips. In the last match, Weak finally finally plays the hammer and goes down in style when he calls my all in with the hammer. Impressive!! Now you are a true blogger Weak.

I play a little of this and that. And who do I see on yahoo? Waffles. So when it turns midnight EST..I send him a Happy New Year message. Then Flux comes on. And Waffles hangs up on me. What is that about? Whatever....

They chat..Flux tells Waffles about his amazing killing on the 2k NL tables. He is up almost 2k. Everyone has their specialty. Appears that Flux is excellent at 2k NL. He has played 7 session on the 2k tables, some 5 to 6 hours. He has won every single time.

In the meantime, Veneno is getting hammered (via tequilla) and playing a freeroll on party, $1 MTT on party, and a 27 player SnG on Stars (Waffles joined me post on this subject). I bust out of the $1 shortly after first break, the freeroll about 10 to the money I bust with AK suited, and the SnG I place 5th so I make a few bucks.

Flux and I are chatting away on IM and we play a SnG on stars. During which I do a couple of IM shots with Drizz (thanks for doing the shots with me). Which brings me to my current state. I am feeling good. Didnt win anything tonight. But enjoying poker pals and poker in 2006 thus far.

Cheers all and may 2006 be an awesome year!!!!

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kipper said...

Happy New Year

Sorry I left so fast after I placed 3rd. I was gunning for 1st and was disappointed when I went out.