Friday, January 06, 2006

Sox Admits It - "He is Evil Too"

So we continue our Heads Up Match. This really sucks. Not only do I lose the match with Sox, but look at the support I get from the gang below. At least Gracie was super cool. After Sox beat me, which tied up our score 4 to 4, he could not stop laughing. He was savoring the moment. Then he coerces Gracie into playing a Head Up with him. Poor Gracie. Out the first hand. Ugly.

After Match with Sox....

yosoyveneno: oh gracie
yosoyveneno: sox is taunting me
yosoyveneno: cause he got me good
yosoyveneno: in a HU
soxlover Rosen: it's rich when you complain of taunting evil one
ghengis_socrates: lol
ghengis_socrates: anyone else want a turn trouncing her?
sirfwalgman: how the mighty have fallen
yosoyveneno: yeah..come on
yosoyveneno: bring it

After the Sox vs Gracie Match...
peacecorn: LOL
peacecorn: ONE HAND!
peacecorn: K10 vs Q10!
peacecorn: i'm getting raped tonight
soxlover Rosen: whoops
peacecorn: no more!
peacecorn: but you know the software. i'm confused by the buttons.
peacecorn: no rematch.
sirfwalgman: 26 I mean
peacecorn: TOMORROW
peacecorn: LOL
peacecorn: blog this.
peacecorn: this is hilarious

At least he admitted that he was Evil. I say, he is pure evil.

Congrats Sox!

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