Saturday, February 25, 2006

The Poker Goddess has Answered

Lucky for Waffle, he read the posting with his wisdom of old before setting out to play today. Following his own advice on how to be successful in poker, he offered a tribute to the Poker Goddess. Turns out his advice was right on the money. For his first poker adventure of the day, he played in the Stars 180. Gordogg, Kaellinn, and myself had the pleasure of witnessing the whole affair and cheering him on in the chat room. With the Gods on his side, Waffles was getting AK over and over. Funny thing, everytime he would get AK he would say, "No, I don't want this hand now" Guess he has taken so many beatings it has affected his confidence with the big slick. It was an incredible ride. I love being on chat when Waffles is winning! He sings, laughs, and has a good time.

Congrats Waffles!!! Excellent Job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


SirFWALGMan said...

It is funny Veneno.. It effected my confidence, because I did not want to play a drawing hand.. but each and every time I did get AK I did the right thing with it.. even if it was in duress. I even went all in with a 50/50 that I flopped an Ace on.. on the bubble. So you can be afraid as long as you play right.

Veneno said... played exceptionalo.