Monday, February 06, 2006


Thanks Acorn for pointing out this THEIF!!!

If you happen to be on the website... know that this site is taking my postings without my permission. I don't know how to stop them yet. But I will be trying to find out.

For the real POISON, do a google search on yosoyveneno.

Readers..Any ideas? How can I prevent this?

What is really interesting is that the posting that I lost was on this blog. Whenever I try to post lately, I get a message that says republish in 10 minutes. And I as Duggle suggested, I even check in my postings to edit. But it wasn't there.

This is really ridiculous.. least you can enjoy my lost posting..I had re-written some of the things trying to forgive the redundancies..

Get Ready for DADI
Finally a DADI event for Veneno!! That's right it will be Heads Up on the next DADI. Just click here to see the invite from Jordan:

DADIII, Did I Stutter?!

So for those of you who need a lesson in Heads Up, you can always see me before the event for a schooling. This weeks students have included Meek and TripJax.

This morning Meek had his first encounter with the Poison Heads Up. It was a good match especially for a introductory match. He did gain the lead for the portion of the game. But ultimately, the Poison was victorious. So Meek finally makes it onto the HU chart. Nice match!!

As for TripJax, he came into this game with more confidence having finally won his last match against me. But he could not handle the Poison this time. On this match my hammer turned into a full boat. I landed a straight on the river. And then closed the came with a full boat when he had a straight and bet into me. It would be a challenge if I wasn't getting cards, but when you combine my skill and good cards, it is a deadly combination. (okay Waffles waiting for your comment on my skill).

Milestone for Veneno happened yesterday. I was playing on Stars and a reader recongnized me. Okay..I get excited for little things. Nice meeting you Butch. See comment below:

butchhoward: oh a tournament with the poison!
yosoyveneno: lol
yosoyveneno: yes
butchhoward: love your blog
yosoyveneno: omg
yosoyveneno: awesome

Then this morning while playing RAZZ on Fult Tilt, Falstaff from Pokerstage, made reference to my blog. So I guess I really do have readers! Way cool!!!!

As for my poker activities, I have been playing the 6.50 No Limit Sit N Go Turbo games lately with Flux and Gordogg (aka ChiefBigToke). Last night I placed in the money 3 out of 4. So I been holding my own online. Nothing major. But moving the right direction.

Now for the good stuff!! On Thursday, I could not resist. I been thinking about the LA Classic at Commerce ever since it started. As you know, I made an attempt to earn my buy-in about a week ago. I went back for another attempt. Since I did so well previously on the 3/6 limit table, my plan was to make $120 in order to play a satelite. If I won the satelite, it would pay for my buy-in to one of the 1k events. So step 1 of my plan worked perfectly. I was ahead $129 after less than 30 minutes. But instead of moving to step 2 of my plan, I started to think. Should I really leave this game where I am winning? This game has a better chance than a 1 in 10 shot against an agressive group of players on a single table satelite. I am better off here. (Okay, I was a chicken.) Well next thing you know, I have pocket aces. The table I was playing at was pretty loose. Usually about 5 players were in on every hand. So a raise preflop was a must. I raised and still ended up with 4 callers as expected. The board was all unders with a flush draw possibility. I jammed on the turn and river. And the one player that remained hit his flush on the river! Ouch. Back to start. I continued to play for a total of 3.5 hours and decided to cashout when I was $107 ahead.

So did I do the right thing? I missed my chance again to score my buy-in on the big event. But I am showing a profit. Thinking about it, if I had only played 3/6 limit this year in live play, I would be ahead $235. So my hourly rate, again just this year alone, for 7.5 hours of play, would be $31.30. That almost sounds like I might know what I am doing. Okay only based on 7.5 hours of play, but the point is that I can make money at live limit poker. That is kinda cool!

Lastly, congratulations to WeakPlayer. He has been having a nice upswing lately making the final table twice on Fult Tilt MTTs. Check out his blog for details.

Make sure and sign up for DADI!


PokerSweetHome said...

Hey Veneno,

Our content is being ripped off by the same site. I'm going to try to sort it out. I'll let you know what happens.



Kipper said...

My content is getting ripper off by gamblingdad(dot)com. And also another site. I tried contacting the hosting provider, etc but that did not help.

I believe the way they are grabbing the content is by the RSS/ATOM feeds that most blogs have.

If you find a way to stop them let me know. I know they even are using my images that I post and that adds to my bandwith allocation. Right now I just redirect them to some bogus image.

DuggleBogey said...

Go to for information on how to protect your content.

Drizztdj said...

If someone wants to rip off my writing I feel sorry for them.

Veneno said...

You may be right Drizz..I should just feel sorry for them too. Perhaps I should be glad someone actually wanted to bother stilling my

Thanks for putting it into perspective for me.

Blogger said...

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