Sunday, February 26, 2006

Heads Up with the Poison


Waffles will start up the chatroom. If you would like to be included just send him a message on Yahoo. His screen name is Sirfwalgman.

Now you may be wondering what it is like to play Heads Up with me. So I thought I would compile some quotes from those who have faced the Poison in the past.


"Now if only someone could knock Veneno out, because I CAN NOT BEAT THAT CHICK! DAMN!" - October 27, 2005


"Veneno from the weird west coast! I learned to be careful of playing her Heads Up. 1 loss is enough for me. Also beware of her side bets!! She will have you sign over the deed to your house!"


Veneno oh Veneno,
How hath you done smoten me.
From high atop the mountain horse,
I have fallen to the deepest....depthethesses.
Your greatness shines like a beacon on the sirens shore,
Inviting wary travelers to be bespoched upon your dangerous shoals.
I hopeth that ifith I goeth into battleith,
That you shant be mine enemy again.
Lest I be smothenith again.

- November 14, 2005 -


"I've found that I'm successful when playing Veneno because usually I'm on my tenth beer by the time we get started."


"Everyone who knows Veneno knows that she digs hot and heavy one on one action. She also enjoys playing Heads Up. Her duels with other Poker luminaries are famous... And I had been marked as a target.

This weekend I finally bit the bullet and played her. It was a to and fro afair, during which I grabbed an early advantage but had been pegged back when the pivotal hand occurred. I had cunningly flopped TPTK, and there was a bit of money in the pot when I pushed on the turn. There was a dramatic pause, and it was clear that a) Veneno was not happy with my move, and b) she knew that she was behind. And that's when she called her shot. Flipping over her open ended straight draw she whispered words that haunt me still...

"Poison coming."


And that's how I lost my first Heads Up match with Veneno. How was your weekend?"

So if you have the itch to play some Heads Up, just hit me up. You know I'll be game.


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AlCantHang said...

Good luck. I'll be there sweating the death match.