Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I saw him, the great, the man!!!

I have had so much to post about and haven't been making the time. First on my list of updates is regarding Saturday night.

As you may have read I won my Satellite to the 30k guaranteed on Full Tilt. For the second time night in a row, I ended up missing the start of my tournament. This time I just got the time all wrong. I was sitting at the Hair Saloon, waiting for my hair to process (you know gotta get the grey out) and decided to connect to IM from my phone. I catch Waffles online and he says, "Didn't your tournament start?". It is then I realize that I got the time wrong. Oh great!!!! A waste of my $100 buy-in. I tell my stylist, "How quick can you get me outta here?". Then I try to reach my husband, I message him on chat, "Call me, Important". He doesn't answer. Call home. He doesn't answer. So my stlyist rinses my hair, I leave the salon hair dripping wet. To the normal world, I'm sure I sound like an absolute freak. Finally my husband calls while I am on my way home. He signs on, I ask how many chips do I have (1600), what are the blinds (50/100), and what is the average (3000). Okay, I still have a shot. I make it home in about 5 minutes which is about 1 hour into the game. A few hands after I sit down, I get AA. I push preflop, get a caller, and double up. So I end up only a few hundred out of average range. After that I didn't get much. Ended up busting on JJ.

Once I busted, I planned on playing in a MTT with Waffles and Garth. I had an hour until the tournament started so I went back to the salon and finished getting my haircut. My stylist, Miguel, is a friend from High School and he was super cool about the whole thing. I even told him about my blog and poker playing.

I didn't last too long in the MTT, which ended up being a good thing. Since my husband was out with the kids, I had the perfect opportunity to meet Weak Player at the Commerce Casino. I decided to surprise him and just call him when I got there. Waffles made sure I agreed to say hi to Pauly for him.

Since the LA Classic final events were running and it being a Saturday night, the Casino was alive. Even still, the Casino is so big you can get on a table within a reasonable period of time.

As soon as I entered, I noticed a few security guards around the high stakes area. I wandered closer to take a peak at the action. To my amazement and delight, I see Doyle. Yeah that's right. He was playing a high stakes cash game with none other than Gus and Ivey. Wow..what a sight!!! Unfortunately, security informed me that they didn't want people watching them. So I moved on.

I knew Weak was gonna be playing at the 400 no limit game. His plan for the week was to crush the players at that game. So I made my way to the 400 no limit section. Didn't see Weak, I had a picture of him. So I gave him a call. Once he answered, I asked "Where are you?"..he let me know he was at the tables..and I asked "Where specifically are you?"..Table 15.

I found him at the table. He was wearing his Blogger Cap with the hammer symbol, a black sweater, and casual pants. He looked very comfortable and relaxed. Totally in his element. But the most interesting part of his attire was his shoes. They were high top sneakers with USA stars and stripes. He seemed to be having a really good time. Just finished winning a nice pot and had a pretty decent stack in front of him. In fact, it was enough to build a nice high pyramid, which he did. I was able to sneak a picture of it, so maybe you will get to see it some day if he puts it on his blog. It was really cool to meet him in person.

I headed to the $100 no limit table. Weak made a $50 investment in my play. First hand I got was TT. I called the min raise of $15. The flop had A Q so I had to lay it down. Then a couple of hands later, I get 88. I limp in. Make my set on the flop. I bet it and call an all in raise and get busted by someone with a higher set. That lasted about 10 minutes.

I head back to watch Weak for a while. He takes a break so that we can stroll over to the where the big boy's were playing. For you ladies, a little fact about Gus, he wears Calvin's. We were not allowed to watch, but it was still exciting to pass by the table and get a glimpse of them playing.

Once Weak was back at his game, I decide to go to the ballroom and look for Pauly. I had received a couple of IM messages from Waffles, "Say hi to Pauly". It didn't take long to find him. And yes, I delivered the message Waffles. He was very down to earth and friendly. I found it interesting that he gets to travel and write about the poker tournaments. Sounded like a great way to make a living.

I ended up playing some 3/6 limit for a few hours and lost another $40 bucks.

When I was at the Valet getting my car at almost 1 a.m., I look behind me and Doyle is there waiting for his car. I fumble with my camera on my phone. And when I finally get it working, the Valet starts honking with my car. As I am walking away, I hear someone ask Doyle, "Did you win?". He replied, "Yeah, I won a buck".

An excellent evening despite my losses.

As for my online events, check out the recent posting by Garth for an excellent recap of our most recent Heads Up Match. Tonight I played another of the 4 person matches on Stars and won. Need to keep in shape for the Catfight you know..lol

Hasta luego....


Garthmeister J. said...

Ah, getting to meet all the celebs. Nice one. Hopefully Weak will post something up on his blog...

TripJax said...

So who was the great, the man?

Doyle, Pauly, or Weak?

: )

Hey, what is our current score for our first to 5 wins heads up match?

Veneno said...

Doyle of course!

Stats are shown under the Head Hunting section. Currently you are in the lead by 1.

TripJax said...

Otay...I knew about that, but wasn't sure if it was up to date.


Anonymous said...

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