Sunday, February 12, 2006

Veneno's Favorite Top 10 Poker Blogs

It was time to update the top 10 list. I think you will find this list to have a nice balance and variety of poker blogs. Here is a recap of the changes:

Waffles finally updated his blog with a fresh look. He got rid of the money stats that were never kept up-to-date. Finally added links to current blogs. And more specifically to his favorite blog (Poker Poison), okay I know I'm not his favorite. But the absence of a link to my blog was keeping him from being #1 on my list. His blog has alway been my favorite. Mostly because it was the first blog I ever read. And because Waffles has become a good poker friend. Now his blog is in the top spot as where it belongs. It didn't hurt that my blog was selected as his first blog of the month. And knowing how consistent he is at updating, I might just be the only blog of the

WiredPairs was removed primarily because Flux does not like too much attention. He couldn't careless about my top ten list. His goal is to reduce his reader traffic. So out of respect for that he has been cut. (I am laughing with you trust me, I realize my list really has little to no bearing on reader traffic).

I had to add the Obituarium. He has found a soft spot in my heart.

WeakPlayer had to move up on the list. His taunting of me in one of his recent postings got him extra points for sure.

Nickles and Dimes was added. There are some blogs that entertain and make you laugh. Then there are a few that help you grow as a player and provide insight. They make you think. Drizz's blog falls into the insightful category.

Discofinery almost made it to the list. Enjoying his poker recaps. I'm gonna keep my eye on that one.

Acorn, I still enjoy your blog. It was a hard choice to cut your blog from the top 10.

I enjoy many of the blogs that are not on my top ten. So don't feel like your efforts are not appreciated by Veneno if you didn't make the list. The top ten are my favorites which I read on a regular basis. My time is limited so I had to narrow my daily list down to a managable size. These 10 poker blogs are outstanding in my book!!!


kipper said...

Sounds like I should challenge you HU...I am thinking if I beat you I should be permanently attached to the number 1 spot of your top 10 list!

Veneno said...

Hmmmm...Interesting proposal..I will think it over and get back to you!!

littleacornman said...

Hey I'm sure I recommended the Obituarium to you and now it knocks me from the top ten!

At least I'm leading the promotion charge from the top of the second division :-)

kipper said...

"Hmmmm...Interesting proposal..I will think it over and get back to you!! "

Don't be afraid! I am really number 1 you have not realized it yet!!

TripJax said...

Yay...I'm still on the list! Hey, I've been a slacker and didn't play much this weekend...maybe we'll play once before the DADIII??

What if we end up playing against each other in the DADIII...that would be wild...we could count it as one of our matches...

DP said...

Veneno and "the poison" blah blah this and THAT... it's all a conspiracy, especially the top 10.

Veneno said...

Kip - Yes, I am afraid!

Trip - Cool, I would love to play with you.

Acorn - Yes, well at least you have good taste in blogs.

DP - Conspiracy? Really? I didn't know you thought I was that clever.

Garthmeister J. said...

I for one am happy with an Honourable Mention. But then again, one of my most prized possesions is my award for flawless attendance in Highschool.

I kid, I kid. As far as you know.