Saturday, February 11, 2006

Getting Ready for DADIII

Been playing Heads Up matches to get ready for this Friday's DADIII Heads Up Invitational. There are already 17 players signed up, so it is looking good. For more information visit the cooler.

As my little song referenced I finally beat Gordogg (aka ChiefBigToke). Prior to our recent 3 matches, he had me owned. The score was 0 for 6. So winning all 3 was a major victory. If Flux is willing maybe you can get a more detailed version of how it all went down. Since he add a side bet against me, his recount might be slightly baised.

Yesterday, I finally got to play against Drizz. Unfortunately I called his all in with JJ vs KK. It was a honor to finally go up against this master. He doesn't care for Heads Up play, so this match was almost a favor. Thanks for kicking my butt Drizz.

Next was WeakPlayer. He is my nemesis in Heads Up. I won my first match with him then he took me down on the next too.

I had to take on some random players just to rebuild my confidence. These were not a problem. Won two games.

Then for the fresh meat. This blogger was soon to experience the Poison. He pushed with top pair/top kicker. I paused with my OESD. Decided it was "Poison" time. I informed him on voice chat that I was about to suckout on him. Then typed on the table, "Poison coming". As predicted, I hit my OESD and he was out in true Poison fashion.

This year I started to track my poker sessions at What is very clear is that my best game is No Limit Holdem Sit and Go. So that is what I have been playing the last few days. Making some decent progress.

Make sure and sign up for DADIII. It is sure to be a blast!!!!



Anonymous said...

You informed me it was poison time when we played heads up as well. Unfortunately for you, i kicked your ass. No poison this time, champ.

Veneno said...

Yeah..I to a weak start this morning. That last had was bad on my part.

Give me a buzz on IM sometime to set up a rematch.

Drizztdj said...

It was a pleasure Veneno. Maybe I'll even give you a re-match sometime ;)