Sunday, February 05, 2006

School is in Session

I just noticed that my post before last is totally missing. Blogspot has been acting up lately. But I didn't realize until now that my whole post was missing. That really sucks!!! It was a good one too.

If you haven't hear the news yet, the next DADI will be this friday. And this time it is a Heads Up event!!! Totally SWEET!!! Thanks Jordan for thinking of me.

Go to Jordan's blog for information. And again, if you need some Heads Up lessons before the event, just let me know.

My students of late have included Meek and TripJax. I had a whole write-up on the games in the post that was lost. Oh well... Both were excellent matches, but they were unable to take down the Poison. And Meek finally made it on the Veneno HU chart.

On Thurday, I made another attempt to earn my way into the LA Classic. Since I did so well on the 3/6 limit tables last visit. I decided to play there first. The plan was to win $120 to play in a single table satelite where I could win 1k. Step 1 of the plan worked perfectly. Within 30 minutes, I was ahead $129. But instead of moving to the next step in my plan, I started to think. Should I really leave this game where I am winning? Should I play the satelite with super aggressive players where only one person is the winner? I chickened out. So I continued to play on the limit table. Shortly after, I had AA and jammed the pot for the whole run. And lost to a player who hit his flush on the river. Back to start. After playing 3.5 hours, I decided to cashout with a profit of $107.

Did I make the right choice? Could I have made my 1k to play in the LA Classic? I don't know. But for now, I made another $107. If I hadn't played in the $80 satelite last trip, I would be up $235 with my limit play.

Today, Flux may have thought the odds were in his favor in the wee hours of the morning after I had a few glasses of wine. But he soon learned that when it comes to Heads Up, the alcohol just enhances the power of the Poison. After beating him in 3 matches, I just couldn't let him suffer another loss.

Earlier, I play Sox 4 matches, we went 2 for 2. For the two I lost, the first he called my push A9 vs A3 with an A on the board. He caught a 3 on the turn to bust me. The next, I bet into his set and lost.

But the best match was this morning when the Cooler showed up. I warned him that I was running hot. And he warned me he was the "cooler". Sure enough, after 72 hands, he finally got me when we pushed, my 22 vs KK. Okay, I didn't really need to go all in preflop with the dueces.

Aside from all the Heads Up action I've been getting, it was another fun evening with the blogger gang. Waffles turned it early after he finished a MTT, then Garth, Flux, Sox, and Weak were playing in an MTT together on Full Tilt. My bankroll couldn't handle it. Weak took a hard blow when he busted 1 away from the money with JJ.

And Sox has some real competition in his family. Sounds like his wife is kicking his butt. She is totally rocks in the $3 MTTs. Last night she took first prize on one. Congrats!!

When will I learn? I need to stop playing MTTs and Qualifiers until I have some kind of roll. It has been a total loss for me. I busted in a 500k qualifier with KK vs AA.

After the MTTs, Garth and Flux tracked me down playing Literati with Jester. He is the Literati King. Even with the assistance of an online dictionary these boys couldn't compete with the Joos on this game.


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DuggleBogey said...

On the missing post.

This happened to me too. I went into the blogger dashboard and clicked on the part that allows you to edit old posts. It was there, just not showing up. So I edited it, clicked publish, and it started showing up again.

Hope it works for you too.