Saturday, February 25, 2006

What happens when you mess with Poison?

Flux learned a hard lesson tonight. He lost 3 Heads Up matches to the Poison. My cards were running very hot. For example, Flux got a set of 7s vs my nut flush. On another match we were all in and my 33 held vs his A K. On the final match he did attempt to suckout when he went all in with a flush and gut shot draw and failed. He did finally proved that he could suckout too. He bet all in with A 8 off, I called with A 9 sooted. A 9 came on the flop, but then runner runner 8 8 hit to give him the win.

So the secret to beating the Poison, you must go for the suckout. Trump is an excellent example. He was completely willing to put his money all in with the worst of it. On our recent match, the 3rd hand into the game he called my all in bet with a draw and hit. He is the one person who gives me competition for suckout ability.

Hasta luego...

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