Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Are You Ready For DADIII?

There is at least one diligent student taking lessons from Veneno to prepare for DADIII.

Yesterday he learned you can drop the hammer and win some chips, but you can't suckout on the Poison. In our first match, he lost when I called his A6 with a OESD vs A7 with a gut shot, my 7 kicker held up and he was out after about 50 hands. The next match, he called with an OESD and no pair vs my A high pair.

Perhaps by the time DADIII comes he will understand that Donkeys Always Draw...lol

Hasta luego y bueno suerte...


DP said...

I bet the pot and called your all in with the nut flush draw on the flop... not OESD.

Lucky. Lol.

Veneno said...

Okay..but it was a draw right?

TripJax said...

thanks for pimping the dadiii yo.