Saturday, February 18, 2006

How could I miss DADIII?

I was soooo disappointed. After weeks of waiting and wanting to play in the one DADII event meant for me, I missed it. My husband was coming home from Vegas, so I decided it would be nice to pick him up from the airport. Initially, his flight was to arrive at 3pm. So I would have had plenty of time to make it home. But as fate would have it, his flight was delayed. And by the time we left the airport, it was already rush hour. When I made it home, 18 minutes after the games began, I was already out.

At least I had the usual blogger gang to cheer me up. Thanks guys!! I always enjoy these events because the chat rooms are amusing.

Gary and Sox made an impressive showing in the event. Flux even made a few comments about never wanting to play Sox Heads Up again.

Then Kip was kind enough to bust my affiliate cherry by being the first one to open a Full Tilt account with my bonus code. Thanks mucho!!! Don't worry, I am considering a move up in the top 10 list.

Then Trip offered to play Heads Up with me so I would not be totally left out. I tried to use the Poison and suckout on him, but alas it did not work for me tonight. Good game Trip!

Meanwhile, I decided to try the $10 MTT on Full Tilt. Waffles joined in this event with me. We were both having a good run. Then shortly before the money he took a few hard hits. He made the money, but didn't have enough chips to move beyond the first level. Flux continued to watch my game and assist (and point out my bad plays). Davee came on the scene just in time to see me drop the hammer and win a nice pot. (picture captured by Davee..thanks!)

Guess What?...I made the final table..finished 6th..and cashed out for $205.50. Waffles finally hit with one of his 10% Flux will be rewarded too. Thanks Flux for hanging with me the whole time!

Tomorrow night I get to play in the 30k event on Full Tilt with my token for the $100 +9 buy-in.

Too tired to put in all the links...

Hasta Luego...


littleacornman said...

Nice finish V!
We'll need to get hu sometime..

Veneno said...

Yes Acorn..I would enjoy that!

surflexus said...

Way to Go!!!