Saturday, February 25, 2006

True Success in Poker

If you haven't been through Waffle's archives, you are truly missing out. Amazing that he has forgotten some of his own wisdom, so I must bring back some of his excellent advice from the past:

"Listen up you bloggers for I have found the true secret to success in Poker. What is it you say? Buy my book for 19.95.. oh wait, that comes later.. Starting Hand Selection? Bah. That is for amateurs. Post flop play? Ha! Like that really works. Chasing flushes until your opponents are afraid if any one suited card is on the board? Yeah right. The true secret to making money playing poker is – write an ode to the Poker Goddess! I swear she is doing naughty little things to me these last two days. I just had almost a 100BB night! That is the best night I have ever had. You might give credit to the SSHE book, which has taught me a lot of scary aggression type things that work. Perhaps my skills in poker have improved? I am here to tell you it is all for naught if you do not court your ladylove. So I expect to see some poems to the poker goddess from you slackers!!!!" - September 21, 2004

Yes! Write a poem to the poker goddess. Then you will have great poker success!

Amazingly, he knew these things before he met me.

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