Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Bloggers are a Blast!

If I had know blogging would come with the bonus of being a part of such an amazing community of poker players, I would have started from day one. Bloggers are a total Blast! TrumpJosh as been especially cool, trying to improve my play. But I am a very hard case, choosing to ignore good advice on a few occassions..lol. We played a few $5 Sit n Go games together and ended up head to head on one, which I really enjoyed.

And tonight, wow...I was exposed to a blogger show! A group of bloggers had a game going on Poker Stars. I was watching from the sidelines and found it to be quite entertaining. Can’t wait to join one of those games. Pretty crazy. Lots of digs, jesting, and all around fun.

Since my last post I have been playing (16 sng, 3 mtt, and 1 shootout) and mostly losing, not because of entirely bad play, primarily bad luck. Okay, okay….I could play better it is true...bankroll is down to a measly 18.73. Looks like a reload will be forthcoming.

Despite the losses, I have been enjoying the games, which for me is high on the priority list. Gotta have fun! One thing about playing low limit Sit n Go games is that they are very entertaining. There are lots of interesting people at these tables. Here is a little sampling from a comedian, EightofClubs, at one of my tables:

First Hand –
eightofclubs: crap i gotta go
eightofclubs: someone take my cash
eightofclubs is all-In [785]
yosoyveneno: i will be happy to do that
eightofclubs does not show cards.
eightofclubs wins 925 chips

Third Hand -
eightofclubs: i got 10 min to play this
eightofclubs: hahaha
yosoyveneno: y 10 min?
eightofclubs: meeting a friend soon and i forgot
yosoyveneno: make them wait
eightofclubs is all-In [895]
eightofclubs: just play dumb instead
eightofclubs does not show cards.
eightofclubs wins 920 chips

Forth Hand
yosoyveneno: can u wait till i get a hand to do that?
eightofclubs: i had 67 suited that one
eightofclubs wins 493 chips from the main pot with two pairs, aces and fives.
A few later….
yosoyveneno where u from?
eightofclubs: i came from my mom
eightofclubs: you prob did too
eightofclubs: i'm a comedian for a living
yosoyveneno: i would never have guessed that
yosoyveneno: how much have u had to drink tonight?
eightofclubs: i quit drinking
eightofclubs: just finished my last one
yosoyveneno: is this the 10 min table?
eightofclubs: if you believe that one i'll tell you another :))
eightofclubs: had AA that hand
eightofclubs: sometimes people call

Now by this time I have folded to a few of his big raises…once with a pair of 7s

And finally….

I get a pair pocket 6s and can no longer resist the urge to take on his all in betting, only to find I am facing QQ and bust out of the game.



SirFWALGMan said...

Guess he did tell you another one..

Veneno said...

Yes, I fell for the trap...perhaps one day I can learn discipline..lol