Friday, September 09, 2005

Ground Zero...Crash and Burn

The night that I started this blog, I ended with a whole $3.88 in my bankroll. So yesterday..was the going to be a new beginning.

I reloaded for $55, why that peticular reason..just sounded good.

My plan was to stick to the 5/1 games until my bankroll improved. This portion of the plan I did follow. But no improvement in the roll by the night's end.

In fact, reflecting on my play, I continue with my primary weaknesses. Those being the following:

* Easily distracted
* More interested in chat than my game
* Toooooooo Loose
* Emotional play (on tilt)

So as long as I have decided to keep a blog of my poker experience, perhaps other players can learn from my failures. This may be the blog you can send players to represent what NOT to do when playing poker if they want to win money.

Here is a recap of my evening:

#1 - First I play a $5 Sit n Go game

I make my customary greeting to all players:

yosoyveneno: Hello everyone..gla

And before the 1st hand ends, the distraction begins:

javery620: yo, you look ravishing tonight

Anyone who knows me will know that my favorite party poker avatar is in seat 8 with the yellow dress. So, the chat begins....and I am distracted as usual.

I actually play this game pretty tight and by the time the blinds are 25/50 i have 730 in chips. I get dealt a [ Jc Ks ] in first position and decide to play. I raise to 100. And get called by the small blind and big blind players. The flop comes [ 6h, 3c, Ah ]. The players check to me so I put out a feeler bet of 50. One play folds and one calls (Pigsoooieee). The turn comes [ 4c ]. Pigsoooieee checks. So I get the brilliant idea to steal this pot...ha ha...and with no reservation, I push all my chips in. Pigsoooieee calls. The river is [ 3s ]. Pigsoooieee shows [ 7d, 5s ] a straight which he caught on the turn. So one loss...and one very stupid start my evening.

#2 - Another $5 sng attempt

I bubble in this game.

#3 - Let's try something different...I play a $5 2 table multi game

This game starts out great..early on..I am dealt [As Qs]..blinds are 10/15...a player in early position raises to 30, another calls, and I raise to 120, getting one caller. Flop comes [ Ac, 2c, 6s ]..NICE..I got my A. I bet the pot 285 and get called. The turn comes [ Qh ]..WOOO HOOO..I got 2 pair now. The player checks to me and I push. He calls...SWEET! River comes [ 3s ]. He had JJ...ha ha....I love it! And I end up with 2045 in chips...

So you would think with this nice start, I could finish in the money. But noooooooooo....I end up busting by first getting pocket 99s. I bet 3 times and get called. The board comes with two overs and I end up having to fold. The very next hand, I get pocket 44s. Being on tilt, I decide that this hand is mine...I will make-up for that last hand...(stupid, stupid)...and what do I do? I first postion..get called by someone with A Q suited and catches his Q.

So, I am 0 for 3 for the night!!!


SirFWALGMan said...

Cmon! Win! heh. That was not the usual Veneno play I am used to.

pigsoooieee said...

Hey, I'm not the best. I am at a place in life where I just can't get to live games very often. If I could, I would, too far, too much a lot of things. So, I play on line. I would risk hundreds live, but I play on line to make a little, get expereince, stay fresh, and maybe hit a big tourney payoff, mostly small stakes. So, I guess I've done ok.

Yo, one thing to remember, you need a lot of time to get a read on an opponent, and even then, on line reads are questionable at best. So that element makes stealing sometimes questionable. In a sit n go, let the crazies crash and burn in the first ten minutes. Stay alive, before you know it, there will be 4 or 5 left and you will still have 600 or more chips. You get shorthanded by playing somewhat tight, but agressive. Then, you puninsh them when they are just trying to get 3rd and get their $$ back. Third place is for losers. You want first. Can't be loose, though, like you said. Only play good cards preflop, period. Don't play T9 off suit unless the pot is unraised and you are in late position and can expect some callers. It simply isn't worth it b/c if it is raised, you have to fold, and all chips are precious. But remember, where a K9 is a bad hand UTG with ten players, it is a good hand with 4, and a monster with 2. Simply resist the urge to call an all in preflop bet when you are holding AJ or AQ. I know it is hard, but there are 27 or 28 hands that can beat you easily (you are a dog to all pairs). Let it go, b/c the raiser may end up NOT being a crazy, he may end being someone like me and you will be facing AA or KK and be in a world of hurt. There will be other hands. Or course, if you really know the player, you can make those calls, but it is really hard to know someonw on line that well. Patience and selective agression, period. Then when you are in the $$, it is out for blood. You will be playing many cards, as bad as T8, and rasing with them. get them out, let them give you their blinds.

As far as being distracted, we all are. It makes the game fun. And you played pretty good, just one steal attempt that went wrong. Remember, if someone has nothing, they will fold to a pot size bet, no need in bluffing all in on a steal (at least not most of time) because the only time you get called you will be dominated. The odds just aren't there for those kinds of plays, trust me.

Im not an advice giver, never have before, not sure why I am now but something told me to. I will check back, stay positive and always think you can win, think you will win, then play to win. Winning is all that matters in poker, to hell with being a good sport. Good Luck!

veneno said...


Thanks for the excellent advise!

kipper said...

Hello there...Sorry about the crash and burn. Keep at it.

Being on the bubble all the time is hard to get use to. Sooner or later you will bust thru. Read the blogs lots of helpful tips there!!

SirFWALGMan said...

3rd is for losers? HELLO! 4th is for losers pal. Your job is to make it ITM. Screw the rest. That is why you are hanging back and letting other people be aggressive. When you have made the money or can not wait for a rock solid hand anymore THAT is when you get all aggressive and take down first.