Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The Great Debate

Entertainment or Profit? That is the question I am debating. Which is it for me? The ultimate would be to have both. Up until now it has been primarily entertainment. But there is a limit to how much I am willing to spend on this form of entertainment and I am starting to reach that limit.

So what has caused me to face this question?

After one minor success the other evening in limit poker, what do I decide to to last night? I move to the 1/2 limit table with a bankroll of $70. You can guess the result. The only question being, "How long did it take this fish to lose?" That would be 30 minutes. I know, I know, stupid!!!!

Of course, I was enticed to the table because my blogger pal Scott was playing there. I have been completely impressed with his play and ability to make money at limit holdem. Being the great player he is, there was no hesitancy or bais in welcoming me to his table. I mean, if I am on a mission to lose while learning limit holdem, why should he stop me? Incidently, he made over $100 in the same time period that I lost. Congrats Scott.

I had realized during my evening of successful play on the night before there had been one significant difference. I was focussed on the game. No chat. No entertainment. Just poker. Yuck...that can't be the solution!

Thoughts to ponder......


GaryC said...

Sitting down with your whole bankroll at a table that is decidedly higher stakes than your bankroll will allow is a losing propostition, in the long run.

Stay within your stakes, for the most part. I see nothing wrong with the occasional foray into the higher limits, but you cannot risk your entire bankroll to do it.

Just my opinion.

BTW, as entertaining as it is, it is always about the money.


Veneno said...

I agree..that is why it was sooooo stupid! Just hoping to learn from my mistakes.

I just need enough money to finance my entertainment...lol

Thanks for the feedback.

Kipper said...

Veneno...I have the very same thoughts at times. And I have lost some good amounts of money at playing limits before my bankroll good handle it. I find myself losing a big chunk then taking a step back to a lower limit or playing a couple SnGs to gain it back.

Its all about the Veneno how much can you take before it kills you. Or in this case how much money you want to lose before you say screw it.

ScottMcM said...

and it was a $2-$4 table kiddo. Chalk it up to lesson learned. The only way to learn poker is to lose at poker for a time. You learned a important lesson that you will never forget. Dont play above you roll. You made solid moves and played good poker but in the long run when you are short stacked like that you are not goingto be able to put moves on players.

see you at the tables again soon and I am sure it will be kicking my ass!

Veneno said...

Ssshhhh...Scott..2/4...I know..that makes it even worse...I didn't even realize I put 1/2 until I saw your comment..I am not gonna change it now..its bad enough...

Blogger said...

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