Friday, September 16, 2005

Sweat Girl

Yesterday, instead of playing, I was sweating and enjoying my poker pals.

The evening started with a little chat with my favorite blogger SirFwalgman He has a way of putting me in a good mood and keeping me entertained. So when he finally came back online after being out of commission for a few days due to a computer problem, I couldn't resist watching him play and chatting.

While I am wrapping up for the evening with Sir, my girlfriend Debs sends me a message that she made it to step 5 again! This is the 3rd time this week. She made it on Wednesday night too, but busted before I could get to her table. If you recall, she won $4500 last Sunday in this tournament with me cheering her on. She wasn't able to make the money last night, but she is sure getting close.

So while I am cheering and supporting Debs in the step 5. Another poker pal of mine, Ambassador sends a message asking if I wanna sweat him in a $50 MTT. I agree, of course, being the good buddy that I few weeks ago, I was sweating Ambassador in the 40k guaranteed, and he came in 2nd place winning $4500. Last night, he finished in 14th place with a payout of $195..again so close to the big $$$.

I am surrounded by winners! So I keep thinking it will rub off soon!

As for the highlights from the blogger game I played the other night....

TrumpJosh wiped me out shortly after starting with some bogus hand like 5 7 sooted against my AK. He seemed to enjoy his kill!

I reloaded, then was able to double up with a nice slow play where I landed trip Js and on the river made a full house which beat Iggy's hand, a smaller boat.

At the end of the game, the only bloggers left at the table were me and ScottMcMilla, his blog at I had Kx in my hand and the flop came with a K and mid pair. So I bet it out and he of course won with trips. I knew that he had his usual..didn't lay it down..

The best part had nothing to do with the game. Lots of fun just reading comments and interaction with some really cool people!

For those who have posted comments, I have been responding in the comment section. So check it out.

Been losing tonight. Tried the 40k MTT, 10 sng, step1, and 500k qual...0 for 4..yuck!!!

Good Luck All!

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