Thursday, September 15, 2005

Initiation Time

I got my chance to play at a blogger game on Poker Stars last night! Not a profittable venture, but definitely worth the price of admission (lost $30 bucks). Tonight I will post a few of the highlights from that adventure.

Following the blogger game, I played a Sit n Go game on Stars only to bust out with KK versus AA..ouch..hate that!

I did have one victory, on Party Poker, played a Sit n Go and came in that roll is back up to $69..woo

Loving all the comments and feedback from everyone! Thanks for the support.



GaryC said...

Linked you up today Veneno. Welcome to the community. I played with your buddy, BigChief, last night on Titan. We had a good time.
I think if you tried hard enough, you could talk him into starting a blog.
Good luck at the tables.

Drizztdj said...

Rough line up there last night.

Anonymous said...

Blog going well, nice. Hey, when you comment on the Poker Stars Blog game, could you expound? I am totally unfamiliar with that set up, how it works, and Poker Stars in general. I play limit, too. Less excitement, but less fluctuations if you play right, and tight. Good luck.


trumpjosh said...

What were you thinking calling my all in push with AK? I mean, I had 54 SOOTED! How could you possibly have beaten it?

LOL. Too much fun. You'll kick ass at that game more often than not with dumbasses like me dumping off their chips. See you there again soon, I'm sure.

Veneno said...

Gary..I would love to see BigChief keep a blog! That would be rad

Drizztdj..It was a blast! Thanks for checking out my blog.

Pigsoooieee..The blogger game is a nl game with a 10 buy-in. Nothing that different from Party Poker, juat another site. If you would like, I will send you an invitation to join. Just give me your email address. Shot me an email at was I thinking?...I did have fun..will definitely return for another one of those games. Thanks again for the invite.