Friday, September 30, 2005

Veneno Calculates Odds

I finally got it!!!! I now understand how to calculate odds.

Okay..Don't laugh at me..after years of playing poker..I still didn't understand exactly how to calculate odds. I understood how to identify outs and the general concept of calling on a drawing hand when the pot provided an appropriate value, but the actual calculation to determine when I had the advantage, I did not understand. Also, I could use a helpful chart a pal sent me, assuming I could find it when

Keep in mind a few things.

1. My primary motivation in playing poker was for entertainment.
2. I generally play NL and have been successful without this knowledge.
3. Previously, I was winning $$$ and am still slightly ahead for the year.
4. I am lazy by nature (hence reading books to improve my game is an effort)

So, if I learn nothing else from this book I am currently reading, Winning Low Limit Hold'em - Lee Jones, at least I will have an understanding of how to calculate odds. Jones does an excellent job of explaining the math in a simple manner. In addition, I learned about concept of "Implied" odds.

I gotta get my butt to work I can make it home in time to play the $1 MTT on party if anyone is interested, later I can post a few lines from the book that were helpful to me.

Is there anyone else out there who was struggling with this?

Good luck all...and see ya at the tables....


HighOnPoker said...

Very interesting. I've learned about odds and implied odds through either Super/System or Sklansky's Theory of Poker. But after a while, you take it for granted, thinking that everyone who plays understands and uses the concept. Clearly that isn't the case. Definitely post some of the info. I'm curious to see how the author explains it.

kipper said...

I ma away. Make it simple. I have a public education and never made it out of the 8th grade...

trumpjosh said...

They also say that if you give a monkey an infinite amount of time, it can compose the complete works of Shakespeare. I think it would take it less time to figure out implied odds, though.



SirFWALGMan said...