Sunday, September 25, 2005

Sir Succeeds

Congratulations to Sir! He placed 2nd yesterday in the new player freeroll on Titan and made $200. For more details, check out his blog. I played in this one also, so while I didn't cash, it was great fun to be on the sidelines with Kipper and Scott, witnessing Sir succeed. He is great entertainment no matter what is happening. But when he is in his zone and winning, it is especially enjoyable. I am just laughing now, thinking of his singing. A typical Sir song while playing would be, "The white boy is back"...You folks are competely missing his live blogs..hahaha.. They are absolutely the best!!

As for me, nothing exciting to report. Still losing...but never giving up!

Best of luck to you...see ya at the tables!

1 comment:

Kipper said...

Yes that was a good time watching him play. Also entertaining!!