Saturday, September 10, 2005


Before I share the results of another unsuccessful night on Party Poker, I felt it necessary to explain that my poker experience is not ALWAYS this pathetic. Of course, I chose to start this blog when hitting the bottom of a spiral down to zero.

Throughout this year, I have cashout a few times. So if I total my purchases and cashouts, I am still ahead $366 for 2005. Most of my profit came playing Sit n Gos. I have invested a lot of $$ trying to hit it big in MTTs. I am determined to win some major money in one of these one day. My best so far was coming 3rd in a 2/0 and making $360. For this win, I must give some credit to SirFwalgman who provided me with insightful MTT strategy and to the great ChiefBigToke who sweated me on this one.

Last Sunday, I played in the 500k. I won my buy-in of 200/15 by playing a 9/1 qualifier. Busted out in 432 place which really sucked (32 out of the money - $250 for 400th place). I had about 3k in chips and decided to push in first position with A Q suited. Not a bad move. But it is likely that I could have continued to stall and fold into the money. This was not a bad showing considering that there were 2501 entrants to start. These were both solo efforts.

As for last night, I didn't win at anything! I played a 5/1 sng, a 10/1 sng, and then I bought in short on the 25nl cash game. Ending result...bankroll total .18...uuuuuughhhh!

Well..I haven't given up yet! Will reload tonight.

Thanks to everyone for the support and comments! I was sooo excited to get comments on my posting! Very cool.


littleacornman said...

Good luck with the blog and your reload.
Little Acornman

SirFWALGMan said...

Good luck. I need to blow off steam tonight so see you there.. my night ended up sucking too..

trumpjosh said...

Sitck with it. Patience needs to be worked on... everyone busts out before they get good.